Transportation Funding

The Dardanelle Group, Inc. provides assistance to Cities and COG's to secure Federal, State, Regional and Local funding to design and construct transportation infrastructure projects. This also includes developing the funding request or applications where required.

Federal Funding

Identify and secure federal funding for transportation projects through the Transportation Appropriations process [Transportation Housing and Urban Development], the reauthorization of the Federal Highway Bill ["FAST Act" Fixing Americas Surface Transportation Act, $305 Billion Highway Reauthorization bill signed December 2015 for FY's 2016 – 2020, Safetea-Lu, ISTEA, TEA-21] Transporation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) federal credit assistance program, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [ARRA] funds, TIGER funds, Clean Water Act funds, EPA Stimulus funds, ITS funding and the Highway Bridge Program.

State Funding

Secure State and Regional funding for transportation projects, including 1B Bond/Trade Corridor Initiative funding, California I-Bank (CA Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank direct loan program), Proposition 50 and Proposition 84 Bond Water and Park Programs and Highway Safety Improvement Program.

Grant Programs

Federal, State and Regional Agencies also make grant programs available to fund transportation, pedestrian, transit, safety, water, energy and park projects. These include the MTA Call for Projects grant program; the State Safe Routes to Schools Program, and the State Transportation Enhancement Program.

MTA Call for Projects

City of Commerce Washington Blvd. Widening and Reconstruction Project: $13.3M; City of Manhattan Beach Sepulveda Bridge Widening Project: $6.8M; City of Hawthorne Crenshaw Blvd. Project: $3.0M and Hawthorne Blvd. Mobility Improvement Project: $2.9M.

1B Bond Program

City of Commerce Washington Blvd. Widening and Reconstruction Project: $5.9M.


Highway Safety Improvement Projects: Hawthorne $500,000; El Segundo $450,000; Commerce $500,000.

Prop 50 & Prop 84

Regional Water Program Prop 50, City of Hawthorne; Regional Park Program Prop 84, City of South Gate.


Safe Routes to Schools applications for the Cities of Hawthorne, City of Hermosa Beach.