Project Management

The Dardanelle Group, Inc. provides transportation project management support to Cities, COG's and private sector businesses to oversee all project elements including completing the requirements for the use of federal funds, managing Caltrans requirements for work on the State Highway, and constructing complex multi-jurisdictional projects, Goods Movement and ITS projects.

Utilizing Federal Funds/ The Caltrans Process

After funding is secured, work with Cities to program the funding in the regional FTIP database, and prepare and secure Authorizations to Proceed from Caltrans to utilize the federal funds for PA&ED, PS&E, utility and right of way relocations and construction. Provide support for all reporting requirements including FHWA Audits and Project close out. Examples include HBP, SHOPP, TCIF, TIFIA federal funds for the Port of Long Beach's Gerald Desmond Bridge Project, ARRA projects for the Cities of Hawthorne, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Commerce, Hermosa Beach, La Habra Heights, and Bellflower, and Federally funded projects include the Washington Boulevard Widening and Reconstruction project, City of Commerce, Rosecrans/405 Freeway project, City of Hawthorne, Sepulveda Bridge project, City of Manhattan Beach, Douglas Street Gap Closure Project, City of El Segundo, Aviation/Rosecrans Intersection project, and City of Hawthorne.

State Highway Projects

Coordinate all requirements between City and State for work on a State Highway facility. This includes PSR, PR, Environmental documents, Encroachment Permits, Cooperative Agreements, Subvention Agreements, State Oversight, design, right of way and utility standards, environmental requirements, traffic operations/control, construction approvals and project acceptance. Examples include: Sepulveda Bridge Project, City of Manhattan Beach; Truck Impacted Intersection Projects, Gateway Cities Council of Governments; Sepulveda Boulevard improvements, Rosecrans Sepulveda Partners, LLC.

Multi-jurisdictional, Goods Movement & ITS Projects

Manage complex multi-jurisdictional, Goods Movement and ITS projects for Cities and COG's. This includes the process for identifying and relocating pipelines and utilities, adjusting or impacting rail road operations, coordination between Cities on multi-jurisdictional projects including Lead Agency, funding allocation and construction coordination. Examples include: Aviation/Rosecrans intersection project, Cities of Hawthorne, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach; Washington Boulevard. Widening and Reconstruction Project, City of Commerce; Plaza El Segundo Project, Rosecrans Sepulveda Partners, LLC; and Gateway Cities Council of Governments ITS projects and Truck Impacted Intersection Projects.

Commercial & Private Sector Projects

Provide support to commercial and private sector clients to construct transportation improvements, including coordinating improvements on the State Highway through the Encroachment Permit process, managing the bid and award process for design and construction, overseeing utility relocations, inspections, construction activities and approving daily sheets, change orders and reconciling final billings. Examples include Plaza El Segundo development improvements to Park Place and Sepulveda Boulevard, and Rosecrans Avenue improvements between Douglas Street and Sepulveda Boulevard.